Saturday, August 2, 2008

Something new will begin here...

Today felt quite tired because of activity..after that take nap a while..evening feel free so go cycling with my friends...Suddenly one new idea come to my mind..maybe because of the speech of Prof.Dr.Jalil Dean JHEPA UMP today in AGM ...

He said that blog can be many kinds of blog..that depends to the can be a place to gain many sharing knowledge by can be a place to write and discussion some current also can be a place to write something bad about someone or some issuse..

So,what kinds of this blog will be???This blog will be write about me..about my experience..and seem I like about motivation..I like to give motivation to everybody..I also always will join moviation motivation motivation maybe I can share some knowledge about motivation that all of my friends..all the blogers can get somethings after reading my blog..

Althought I am not prof in motivation..but in this fews years I am learn so much about that from my secondary school university caunselor..some motivator in my

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