Monday, August 25, 2008

One week holiday I go bec home..What the day that make me so happy and enjoy is when I go to my aunt house at Alor Star stay there 3days..I go with my mum..sis..and my brother..really happy over there..the last night that we stay there my cousin bring us to eat pizza as aunt and uncle also go together..they never eat pizza before and never eat at pizza hut restaurant…

What make us laugh non stop there when my uncle said to the waitress: “ saya tgk gambar dlm menu nie pn sudah kenyang lor…” the waitress are so shy and dun know what to say.. hahahaha..when eating the pizza my aunt and my uncle always complain that the pizza not so special..all use “tepung” to make it only.. like kuih…huhuhu

Then never mind after finish our dinners we go bec home around 10pm then almost of them are go to sleep at 11pm…but the younger’s all not sleep yet continuous watching TV and me online chatting lor…hahaha

The next day morning is the cousin off day.. So take us go to eat breakfast at restoren…the food there are nice..but not cheap le..around rm70++ le..haha
After that we are go to the Muzium Padi..more than 10 years I stay at kedah but this is the first time I go there..the building design are special and the picture they draw inside there so real…they draw the scene of alor star and all the activity and all the building at alor star..

~muzium padi~
the drawing inside the muzium..

Then we on the way go bec home my cousin stop beside to the Istana Sultan Kedah to see the sample house there..we go nice..really love it..the design are 4 floor..but what is the price?? RM800 000 only….wakakaka :D

Then back home..still raining here..we wait for the raining are not so heavy then we also drive go back to our house at sp..This few days there really happy..thanx my cousin and my aunt uncle giving us everthing…

BUT..the happy hour will not always belong you.. When on the way we back I receive a sms from my friend..msg said that : “ckg rahman telah meninggal dunia” I was so surprise..before that I know he was sick but not go to visit he was gone..suddenly the happy feeling change to sad…

So after reach home I go to his house to make a last visit to my teacher..althought this teacher are never teaching me but I know him when I am active in cocuriculum activity at school.. He is a very good and nice teacher.. He also teaching me many things that I cannot learn in class..

I am a facilitator for the “Pusat Kokurikulum SMKAJ”..I am the only one Chinese facilitator there..any camping there I also will go..we are different religion but he still respect me..he also not care about that differences.. Now I futher my study at university but when holiday I also will go back to school and visit him and others teachers..

What make me so sad and make me felt thanks to him is he is the one of the teachers that recommend my name to principle to get Anugerah.. This anugerah is not easy to get.. If not they recommend my name.. I will never get it.. That is “Anugerah Penghargaan Khas” from school because they said that 7 years I study there many things I done for school and “Anugerah Pelajar Sahsiah Cemerlang” I am the only one student get it from 25++ students in my school.. I am so happy when I know I am giving this two anugerah.. Thanks you so much.. Hope his family will happy always..


miZz kate said...

woo cun doh pic ptma ko
ktne tu?
ehehe mls nk bc pnjg sgt

law said...

To mizz kate,
cun kn pic 2??kt muzium padi kedah la..nk pegi??huhuhu..