Sunday, August 10, 2008

Finally... a common word that we will use in daily our easay..or in our speech..A common word but will bring different conclusion at all..depends to the situation actually..

For begin of my life at here for the first semester of second year..i can said that finally i will have a week of break to go bec my brother..sister..aunts..and so many persons la..

Before new semester begin..I have kursus here n prgram as facilitator..finally all the orientation day over dy..gains many experience..know many people...learn many things in that fews days like about protocol...

For this new semester..finally 1 months passed dy..and finally test 1 just round the corner busy with the assignment and quizs now...

Today got event...finally my job or responsibility finish coz not my willing job to do...nvm..juz for this time..finally...finally....arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Now the internet line here like shuck......arghhhhhhhhh...wait about 15min finally juz finish receive files from hate!!!!

Finally.....oh...finally...why cnt always give me the good ending..good conclusion..why???
Anybody can tell me???can give me some glue????


Raja Azrul said...

hai Law..

sorry lah abang baru menjengah blog pusaka law nie..bukan apa, bz sikit..hehehehe..

abg harap Law terus keep in touch dlm debat..banyak lagi peluang menanti di hadapan..

ada masa, abg tolong korang sume

miZz kate said...

haha lek je lahh
ko ni
berusaha law!
jgn emo!