Sunday, June 21, 2009

hApPy fAtHeR dAy.. =)

I hope this laughing face with mum will not stop until forever !!!

hApPy fAtHeR dAy !

To my dad :

I'm not forget what is the day but just a little bit to call and wish u.. hehe
I know u thought I'm forgotten ya..dun worry! u always in my heart dad... in every of your children heart..

Without u..we cannot have chance to futher our study..until now sister graduet liao.. Hope our family plan for sister convocasion will be on soon..

It will be the history of our family..the first time whole family can go for travel.. =)

Hope u will be happy..enjoy..healthy..without worry..with your lovely family forever..


Friday, June 19, 2009

HAKNUK in the house... part 3

The stage of the day we waiting for.. is the time to share with u all HAKNUK in the house part 3.. the time we waiting for oready passed.. thousand of feeling on that time...

I ready cannot imagine i can got this oppurtunity to be author of a book name as HAKNUK..actually this name given by us..means KASIH or SAYANG.. that is language of semai..

Kebawah Duli Yang Teramat Mulia Tengku Puan Pahang, Tunku Hajah Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah Binti Al-Mutawakkil 'Alallah Sultan Iskandar Al-Haj

Tengku Puan Pahang + HAKNUK + Dato' Vice Canselor

16 june 2009..the history day for me in my life...I wake up about 7.30am..after take bath and wear smartly..I take tok batin adn cikgu jefri go to take breakfast..then about 8.30am we all reach the canselori dy..but still early..then I took them go to walk around and also inside library..

Authors of HAKNUK

The time showns 9.30am..we all go to have sit...but they arrange us to sit at the back...well..the arrange for us..we just follow..but what happen next??Datin saw us sat at the back then ask us why u all as author sat at the back??then Datin move us to sat at the first row... Thanx Datin ! That prove that Datin also feel pround of us..

All the gals authors

boy authors... :)

While waiting Tengku Puan Pahang reach here..we all took a lot of usual la..we are like take a lot of photos to save the sweat memory ma.. hehe :)

The event was running smoothly..then sinar harian got interview us and take our photo..after finish the event got lunch for all the VIP..include us la.. 2 table for us.. 1 for man and 1 for women daging rusa masak merah.. first time eat it..hehe

Lunch time..

After rushing take the lunch..we all need to go to banquet hall..they arrange us to take photo with Yang Teramat Mulia Tengku Puan Pahang..I felt so pround..First time can take photo with royal family member..first time meet face to face with royal family member..

sWeAt mEmOrY

Tuaku was sporting.. close with all people..good example to all the leaders in Malaysia.. should be as the model for all leaders..cole with all the comunity... include "Orang Kita"....

Happy..pround..enjoy..and also so much feeling on that time.. tired!!! that for sure la.. :D ;)

Monday, June 15, 2009

HAKNUK in the house.... part 2

CCK 1640

Yeah...This is about Haknuk in the house part 2..where the travel from ump to kg kuala boh to take Tok Batin and my aTok angkat Ckgu Jefri..

Driver (Pak Said)... berjasa for us... thanx!

Along the road which give me feel that the feeling where we first time and 2nd time go to kg kuala boh.. I'am so excited actually..althought this time is just me and yienz go to take them with our prof driver en said...the enviroment at kg there let me feel so enjoy..

is me la...

We start our journey from 8am with the van (Toyota HIACE) which still new van in ump..nice van..very comfortable.. we go to that kg pass by bentong and sg koyan..we about 11.20am we reach sg koyan..then we stop a while for rest and drink... Then we just continous our journey to there..
take a drink at here :)

Take about 1 1/2 hours we reach there... quite different the road there..some changing after fews months we bec from there do research... some broken some better... hahaha

the way to go inside kg

after that,reach this road...

then this is the road to that kg

After take Tok Batin and Cikgu Jefri we direct go bec ump..About 6pm finally we reach ump..then we let them rest at Rumah Tamu ump..then we all go to play tennis and jogging..

Tok Batin Nordin and Cikgu jefri (atok angkat)

What make us more enjoy...more happy when we all gather and take dinner with all at rumah tamu..include our club advisor fadzil also join us a big family :D

cikgu jefri~Dr.fadzil~me~tok batin~taqi~abg wan

Saturday, June 13, 2009

HAKNUK in the house....part 1

yEaH... "HAKNUK" in the house... haha the time that all of us as writer cannot wait the time arrive for that day..juz left 2 days only.. I believe that all of us cannot imagine that what will happen on that morning... hope everything will be fine.. hope what we done will bring some spirit for others to give thier wiling to help who stay out of the envelopment of our country.. our attitude... help who are need our help.. REMEMBER.. opportunity that given for us to write this book also unexpected.. thats we " IKHLAS "... do anything must have it.. I hope everyone later.. dont want have the opinion that want to get the opportunity for that then just do such programe...

Show that for the comunnity that UMPians are always concern about all happen in the community... Actually I want to post this entry after the day we waiting.. but i c'nt wait it.. I want all people understand that give out willing to help people but not because we want somethings then just do it..

So...don't forget..come and join us here... see how the function will happen..I will share it later.. :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

tWo mOnTh vs TwO wEeK

What i am mean of tWo mOnTh vs TwO wEeK.. that is the time of my semester break lor.. actually i have about two month holiday but i juz bec home for break only two weeks..

Reason why?? As all of friends know..i am busy man..haha so that why just bec home for two weeks only..i really apreciate two weeks of time at all the things that i plan...many things that i plan to do in d short holidays..

Like usual..everytime bec home sure got soup for my lunch n dinner..thanx mum.. :) then what my dad prepare for me??haha..dis time is special..i also dun know when my dad got such tree at the bec home..he plant ubi what i dun know..but best to eat..some we rebus it..some we do like kerepek then others ask neighbour make kuih lor..

that is my dad.. cut the ubi lor..

That what we get from d plant..

Then at the weekend i go to alor star my aunt house..everytime i bec must go there if not my aunt will scold me lor..coz she care about me la..she want to see wheather fat dy or handsome dy n others la... hahaha :D

Then go out hang out with all of my old friens..all more than 10 years of our friendship..this time go out not only all about what happen in our U..but this time we all dicuss what we want to do after graduat..this year 3 of my friends will be graduated two of them from UKM in sciences actuary and one of them banking from UUM..we plan to open a cafe that like we all like to lepak2 ma..hehe
azib + me + afiq

The 2nd week..busy to go to my secondary caunselor ask me to help her lor..then about alumni for that school..juz want to have for this year..this time bec meet a lot of my junior..then we go to that caunselor house..juz for see her baby lor..

baby so cute.. :)

2 weeks are past so fast..d time for me to go bec ump..if not others friends bising liao..haha coz still have many things not settle yet..about the orientation week lor..

Now at area KL..coz got mppk with my mpp friends here...what will happen this few days..i will share with u all here..wait for it ya!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

oVeRniGhT aT kAmPuNg

Back to uMp few days dy..everyday busy doing the PC job..from the morning until late others works at office..haiz.. so boring the life..haha quite tired actually..

Luckly,abg Naz ask me n others friends go to his house can relax-relax a while...go there for this tuesday evening..after abg naz finish his work at his office..we go to his house by his,taqi,yienzz and also usual la..
Abg naz house

abg naz house at Pekan which in the ever have chance before to feel the enviroment in for this time is best chance for me...haha Along the journey to his house we talk non-stop and also laugh non-stop...

Then we go for shoping first before bec to his house..His house quite big..when reach there.. Suddenly i ask : Why your gate not automatic ar??? hahahahaha :D so sorry abg naz.. tak sengaja ma...juz joking la.. dun angry!!! :)

We start to cook for ours dinner..abg naz as chief others are his assistant to cut onios n others..hehe include job very easy..wash the egg only..after we take dinner got dessert..that is!!!prepare dinner

ais-krim as dessert

After that..we all lepak in front of tv... until all sleep..we all sleep there.. very enjoy..then about 11pm we go out..jalan-jalan..round bandar diraja..all the istana there..then stop at the kemboja restoren have a drink then juz bec home..
the way yien sleeping.. haha

After that all sleep lor...that time oready 2am i thinks..hehe Thanks abg naz.. hope next week can go agains to do bbq with all friends from K.I*******

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

sHaRiNg mOmEnTs....

Hai sorry so longtime din update my blog because of holiday at home about 2weeks time then come bec ump still busy with my job..haha

Just want to share about my trip to thailand last 3weeks ago..that is a nice trip for experiences we gain...

About 1 week for the trip..first we go to UTM skudai first to meet them there...we go by Van UMP(Mercedes Band)...We start our journey from Johor until to Perlis...about 1400km for this journey..we use the whole for that tired sitting in the van for d whole day..haha we stay 1 night at UNIMAP...

van ump

Interested incident happen when we stay at their hostel for 1 night...that is in our house that we stay got S.N.A.C.K.....wakakaka supricing....but luckly no 1 injurce..aiya...just a small snack la..hahaSnack..haha

Next day,we travel from perlis to Hatyai..about 55km..I meet my senior at the sempadan there.. 1 of my senior work at imigresion there..haha longtime din see him liao...then we direct go to the PSU Hatyai campus..
Imigresion at Thailand

They welcome by serve us very good..take us to check in hotel first..3 star hotel...ASIAN HOTEL..then go to take lunch..very HALAL Restoren...then we juz go to have a talk about biodiesel with the profesor there..that profesor is a nice person..after that we go to visit their palm oil farm..they explain to us how to process the palm oil to produce biodiesel.. now in Thailand they oready use 5% or call as B5 biodiesel...

with lecturer from france (4got her name)

Prof. Madya Dr. Chakrit Tongurai and me

At night is free time..we take chance to walk around...but the shop there all will close at 9pm early..but we go to the night market not far from there by taxi la...

Third day at Thailand...we continoues our journey to PSU Surat Thani campus..About 531km from many hours agains sit in the Van..The enviroment at that universiti so best..really jelous..haha

in front of PSU Surat Thani Campus

That night we also have a dinner and conference..all the Thailand media are attend to know about this programme...

For this trip..not only the purpose is to know about biodiesel at Thailand..but sure will take this opportunity to go around...we go to Koh Samui Island..Nice island..hehe but what make not so best is need to wait for about 2 hours just got ferry lor...haha

Anyway..this trip let me have so must experiances...what I can say is...we must open our minds our eyes to take chance to see to know the others universiti at others country..u will feel that is so much different with us..and how good our goverment treat us..haha

enjoy...enjoy...enjoy... happy holiday.. but I at UMP dy..