Monday, June 15, 2009

HAKNUK in the house.... part 2

CCK 1640

Yeah...This is about Haknuk in the house part 2..where the travel from ump to kg kuala boh to take Tok Batin and my aTok angkat Ckgu Jefri..

Driver (Pak Said)... berjasa for us... thanx!

Along the road which give me feel that the feeling where we first time and 2nd time go to kg kuala boh.. I'am so excited actually..althought this time is just me and yienz go to take them with our prof driver en said...the enviroment at kg there let me feel so enjoy..

is me la...

We start our journey from 8am with the van (Toyota HIACE) which still new van in ump..nice van..very comfortable.. we go to that kg pass by bentong and sg koyan..we about 11.20am we reach sg koyan..then we stop a while for rest and drink... Then we just continous our journey to there..
take a drink at here :)

Take about 1 1/2 hours we reach there... quite different the road there..some changing after fews months we bec from there do research... some broken some better... hahaha

the way to go inside kg

after that,reach this road...

then this is the road to that kg

After take Tok Batin and Cikgu Jefri we direct go bec ump..About 6pm finally we reach ump..then we let them rest at Rumah Tamu ump..then we all go to play tennis and jogging..

Tok Batin Nordin and Cikgu jefri (atok angkat)

What make us more enjoy...more happy when we all gather and take dinner with all at rumah tamu..include our club advisor fadzil also join us a big family :D

cikgu jefri~Dr.fadzil~me~tok batin~taqi~abg wan

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