Wednesday, June 3, 2009

sHaRiNg mOmEnTs....

Hai sorry so longtime din update my blog because of holiday at home about 2weeks time then come bec ump still busy with my job..haha

Just want to share about my trip to thailand last 3weeks ago..that is a nice trip for experiences we gain...

About 1 week for the trip..first we go to UTM skudai first to meet them there...we go by Van UMP(Mercedes Band)...We start our journey from Johor until to Perlis...about 1400km for this journey..we use the whole for that tired sitting in the van for d whole day..haha we stay 1 night at UNIMAP...

van ump

Interested incident happen when we stay at their hostel for 1 night...that is in our house that we stay got S.N.A.C.K.....wakakaka supricing....but luckly no 1 injurce..aiya...just a small snack la..hahaSnack..haha

Next day,we travel from perlis to Hatyai..about 55km..I meet my senior at the sempadan there.. 1 of my senior work at imigresion there..haha longtime din see him liao...then we direct go to the PSU Hatyai campus..
Imigresion at Thailand

They welcome by serve us very good..take us to check in hotel first..3 star hotel...ASIAN HOTEL..then go to take lunch..very HALAL Restoren...then we juz go to have a talk about biodiesel with the profesor there..that profesor is a nice person..after that we go to visit their palm oil farm..they explain to us how to process the palm oil to produce biodiesel.. now in Thailand they oready use 5% or call as B5 biodiesel...

with lecturer from france (4got her name)

Prof. Madya Dr. Chakrit Tongurai and me

At night is free time..we take chance to walk around...but the shop there all will close at 9pm early..but we go to the night market not far from there by taxi la...

Third day at Thailand...we continoues our journey to PSU Surat Thani campus..About 531km from many hours agains sit in the Van..The enviroment at that universiti so best..really jelous..haha

in front of PSU Surat Thani Campus

That night we also have a dinner and conference..all the Thailand media are attend to know about this programme...

For this trip..not only the purpose is to know about biodiesel at Thailand..but sure will take this opportunity to go around...we go to Koh Samui Island..Nice island..hehe but what make not so best is need to wait for about 2 hours just got ferry lor...haha

Anyway..this trip let me have so must experiances...what I can say is...we must open our minds our eyes to take chance to see to know the others universiti at others country..u will feel that is so much different with us..and how good our goverment treat us..haha

enjoy...enjoy...enjoy... happy holiday.. but I at UMP dy..

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