Thursday, August 28, 2008

MaLaM aSPReSiasi MiNDS 08

Fasilitator MiNDS 08

Malam Aspresiasi MINDS 08 baru saja selesai diadakan pada 25/8/08 malam isnin yang lalu..

Malam Aspresiasi ini diadakan adalah untuk meraihikan kejayaan fasilitator MINDS 08 dalam melaksanakan tanggungjawabnya dengan cemerlang walaupun bilangan fasi yg terhad..kata Dekan jhepa Prof. Dr.Abd Jalil bin Borham... Majlis ini juga sebagai sedikit penghargaan kepada para fasi atas pengorbanan yang dicurahkan...

Pada malam itu asalnya Dato NC akan hadir bersama namun sayang pada minit terakhir beliau tidak dpt hadir kerana ada urusan penting..tidak mengapa..lgpn semua fasi lain hadir nk mkn jer pn bknnya nk tgk muka Dato..wakakaka..saja lawak jgn ambk serious..OK?

tapi,walaupun hanya sekadar satu majlis makan tetapi amat bermaknanya..kerana jasa para fasi dihargai dan semuanya meninggalkan byk kenangan..kenangan pahit ada..kenangan manis ada...kenangan lucu pn ada..dan mcm2 lg...

Pada malam itu,selepas selesai ucapan ketua fasi dan Dekan jhepa..kita semua pn makan la ramai2..yg best pe lg..ayam bakar la..2 yg diaorg suka sgt..pas2 ada nugget..hotdog..nasi goreng..tembikai..air sunquik..hahaha

selepas abis makan..kami semua bergambar bersama VIP iaitu ada Prof Jalil..Abg wan..ustaz yunan..abg shukri..kak ayu.seorg kak lg 2org kak tu xbergambar skali..semua org sgt enjoy dan berharap jumpa lg pd tahun hadapan jika panjang umuq...maceh byk2..

Hidangan VIP

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Haiz..2day why i am so blur..what I thinking in my mind now I oso dun know..really blur..blur now...juz bec from test..make me more blur somemore..hahaha

2nite not so good in mood..but nobody knw who r calling me or msg me i juz layan jer..not take it serious..coz no mood to answer it..

Actualy in our life what is correct what is wrong...what is black what is white..sometime very difficult to decide it..why suddenly I said like that..

Nowaday got 1 things happened around me for so longtime..but I cnt solve it..I dun know how to face to response it..b4 that all of yours who know me well should know that I am a person do anythings also will follow the rules..

So,some how the things happened like that..when some of my "friends" who are doing things sometime not use their brain to thinks..such as..juz 2nite when we answer the test..they are discussing..they are passing the answer sheet..I know the questions are nt easy to answer it..BUT....

What should I do actually???follow them to do the same things??or juz keep quite n do my own??if I do like them I will felt very sorry to myself so I cnt do it..isn't I am stupid??coz they do that always score high dean list..but me??nothings..

This kind of problems I really dun know how to facing it..hahaha..but i always remember myself "to be myself" dun let others disturb or influence my own princle of life...

So..anyone who read it plz gve a comment or suggestions to me..k?hihihi :D

p/s: this post dnt include any "meaning"..juz my problem only...

Monday, August 25, 2008

A long story...

A lond story begin by last nite when i am prepared to go back to university..Dunno know why the bad luck belong with me...haiz... :(
Last nite,my dad fetch me and my friend sean to bus station to go back ump..the first unhappy thing friend ping buy 4 tickets 2 are sean n his friend ronald n 2 more is ping and alvin but ronald dnt want dy so sean give to me the ticket but at the same time alvin dunno..alvin thought that that ticket is belong to him coz he ask for more 1 ticket for our the incident is 5 persons but juz got 4 tickets..then got person blame me is my fault or be gentle I dun wan to said anythings..if not sure will fight each others..

So,what can we do is 1 person need to go back ump by bus which go to kl then juz take bus go back ump..then a gentleen sean do that..really thanx to him..he is my best + old friend from primary school until now 15years...our bus ticket is 10pm..but nw oledy 10.30pm

Then nvm..2nd incident happen..u know how long we wait for that bus??3 & half hours..we all wan to be mad dy..really @#$%^&*(()!~-+?>

The third incident..1 of us lost his small beg..I thinks not stolen by anyone but mayb mistake by anyone what can we do?? sorry to that friend...

because I oledy late so faster walk back to room then take a bath go to class..aikkkk..why no any coursemate there??make a call..juz knw change to 1 pm dy..wahwahwahwah...then receive a call from a teacher..she want me to meet her at school for the program dis a drive go there to meet her then faster drive back like kl drift back ump...then direct go to hot..cnt concentrate to the lecture..but i also try to do concentrate..luckly finish early..

so many incident happen just about 24hours...u all knw from last nite until dis evening i dnt eat anythings yet..until 4pm juz eat nasi bubur lor...haiz...why i am so bad luck...

owh...... my friend plz faster wish me good of luck la...plz...plz.... hahahaha....

One week holiday I go bec home..What the day that make me so happy and enjoy is when I go to my aunt house at Alor Star stay there 3days..I go with my mum..sis..and my brother..really happy over there..the last night that we stay there my cousin bring us to eat pizza as aunt and uncle also go together..they never eat pizza before and never eat at pizza hut restaurant…

What make us laugh non stop there when my uncle said to the waitress: “ saya tgk gambar dlm menu nie pn sudah kenyang lor…” the waitress are so shy and dun know what to say.. hahahaha..when eating the pizza my aunt and my uncle always complain that the pizza not so special..all use “tepung” to make it only.. like kuih…huhuhu

Then never mind after finish our dinners we go bec home around 10pm then almost of them are go to sleep at 11pm…but the younger’s all not sleep yet continuous watching TV and me online chatting lor…hahaha

The next day morning is the cousin off day.. So take us go to eat breakfast at restoren…the food there are nice..but not cheap le..around rm70++ le..haha
After that we are go to the Muzium Padi..more than 10 years I stay at kedah but this is the first time I go there..the building design are special and the picture they draw inside there so real…they draw the scene of alor star and all the activity and all the building at alor star..

~muzium padi~
the drawing inside the muzium..

Then we on the way go bec home my cousin stop beside to the Istana Sultan Kedah to see the sample house there..we go nice..really love it..the design are 4 floor..but what is the price?? RM800 000 only….wakakaka :D

Then back home..still raining here..we wait for the raining are not so heavy then we also drive go back to our house at sp..This few days there really happy..thanx my cousin and my aunt uncle giving us everthing…

BUT..the happy hour will not always belong you.. When on the way we back I receive a sms from my friend..msg said that : “ckg rahman telah meninggal dunia” I was so surprise..before that I know he was sick but not go to visit he was gone..suddenly the happy feeling change to sad…

So after reach home I go to his house to make a last visit to my teacher..althought this teacher are never teaching me but I know him when I am active in cocuriculum activity at school.. He is a very good and nice teacher.. He also teaching me many things that I cannot learn in class..

I am a facilitator for the “Pusat Kokurikulum SMKAJ”..I am the only one Chinese facilitator there..any camping there I also will go..we are different religion but he still respect me..he also not care about that differences.. Now I futher my study at university but when holiday I also will go back to school and visit him and others teachers..

What make me so sad and make me felt thanks to him is he is the one of the teachers that recommend my name to principle to get Anugerah.. This anugerah is not easy to get.. If not they recommend my name.. I will never get it.. That is “Anugerah Penghargaan Khas” from school because they said that 7 years I study there many things I done for school and “Anugerah Pelajar Sahsiah Cemerlang” I am the only one student get it from 25++ students in my school.. I am so happy when I know I am giving this two anugerah.. Thanks you so much.. Hope his family will happy always..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

~Projek Semaian Kasih~

During the holiday for a few writing any new blog want sharing a new things.. "Projek Semaian Kasih" is a new projek for In-Smartive Club..This is a big projek that will involve of our Dato NC ump and oso others pegawai-pegawai kanan ump...

This is the projek that we will going to kampung org asli..doing some komuniti activity..we will do some activityat the school there...then will visit the village there near cameron there..

Really hope can go there soon..want to c the activty of the org asli there..later after this activity juz share vf urs all the photo..k?huhuhu..

This is the logo for this projek..nice..good design..haha.. :p

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Arghhhh... busy this few days...juz back from test..really tension now...coz cnt answer the test well...sure cnt score high marks la..........

Dun knw what happen to me actually for this semester..look like very busy...24 hours per day oso not enough..busy with my club activities...then others activity someore..then study...

wah..arghhh....tension2....2morow nite will bec home dy..mayb take sometime to rest then need gambateh study..after mid sem break got 3 tests ar............

then suddenly jhepa want me to go BTN...hahaha..terpilih..they said la...I will never go...coz first i need to bec for this holidays coz buy ticket dy..second i got program at my ex-school..they ask me to be judge for singing competition..hahaha..suprise????

ok lazy now..want rest..lazy to type dy..c u after mid sem break la...huhuhu :p

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Finally... a common word that we will use in daily our easay..or in our speech..A common word but will bring different conclusion at all..depends to the situation actually..

For begin of my life at here for the first semester of second year..i can said that finally i will have a week of break to go bec my brother..sister..aunts..and so many persons la..

Before new semester begin..I have kursus here n prgram as facilitator..finally all the orientation day over dy..gains many experience..know many people...learn many things in that fews days like about protocol...

For this new semester..finally 1 months passed dy..and finally test 1 just round the corner busy with the assignment and quizs now...

Today got event...finally my job or responsibility finish coz not my willing job to do...nvm..juz for this time..finally...finally....arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Now the internet line here like shuck......arghhhhhhhhh...wait about 15min finally juz finish receive files from hate!!!!

Finally.....oh...finally...why cnt always give me the good ending..good conclusion..why???
Anybody can tell me???can give me some glue????

Friday, August 8, 2008

~my Saturday~

Hmm..a few days oledy not update my blog coz too busy with my assignment..kuiz..activity...

Haiz!!! suddenly feel so tired to live in this hope can stop all of that then give time to hope got someone can know about my situation..understand me now..

Today is saturday..wake up late morning coz sleep late last nite after meeting too longtime...Then just now my senior debate come to ump go there meet them..after that rushing go to meeting..when meeting get d call from my senior ask me to go out together to play bowling...

We go to megamall kuatan to play d bowling 2 happy..that time for me to forgot all the things..all the problems...after that go to eat..Then we going to KMPH to watch the Malam Inspirasi Seni there..About 12pm just bec ump..

Actually I'm so happy 2day..really thanks abg azwan..abg deq wan..abg raja ..madam mala..suddenly let me thinks about 1 things...

“Seseorang yang ingin cemerlang dalam apa jua bidang pun mesti ada guru dan mesti berguru” - Dato’ Dr Fadzilah Kamsah.

WHY?bcoz if not all my seniors and madam..I will not to be a debater..they are my teacher actually in my life expecially in debate..althought now I'm not success yet..but without them all of u will nt see me in debate..So really thanks give me a happy day..

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

~Jasa Bonda~

Kali ini hanyalah sekadar sebuah lirik lagu yang bertajuk "Jasa Bonda" untuk berkongsi bersama..liriknya yang penuh bermakna dan menjelaskan keadaan sebenar yang berlaku..

Jasa Bonda

Kau dibuai mimpi dia jaga

Kau bersenang dia bekerja

Untukmu tiada terbatas

Memberi tak minta dibalas

Ingin dibinanya untukmu

Kehidupan yang sempurna

Punyai kekuatan jiwa

Punyai maruah

Leteran dari rasa luhur

Menegur sebelum terlanjur

Itulah yang diwarisi

Pesan ibu terpahat di hati

Beringat-ingatlah berpesan-pesan

Untuk kebaikan

Marah bukan kebencian

tapi tanda sayang

Engkau semakin dewasa

Berjiwa merdeka

Sedang dia semakin tua

Membilang usia

Disaat kau berjaya

Dia tiada berdaya

Semoga kau tak lupa jasa bonda

Harapan bonda bukan ini kta membalas jasanya namun hanyalah ingin kita berjaya dan menjadi seorang yang berguna kepada masyarakat dan negara...

Ingat-ingatlah pesanan ini.............

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sketch portract of face...

Something to share today....Try to guess who is the person below??? hehehe

This is the art of drawing...anyone can do it???hahaha....

A Small Truth To Make Life 100%

is equal to
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11= 98%
11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96%
12+15+22+5 = 54%
12+21+3+11 = 47%
Then what make 100% ??
It is MONEY ??.......NO!!!
13+15+14+5+25 = 72%
12+5+1+4+5+18+19+8+9+16 = 89%
Every problem has a solution, only if we perhaps change our attitude.
To go to the top, to the 100%.
What we really need to go further...a bit more...

1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%
It is OUR ATTITUDE towards
Life and work that makes our life 100% !!!
Changes Your Attitude
And You Change Your Life !!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

How to Be Excellent Student???

How to Be Excellent Student???Bagaimana untuk menjadi seorg pelajar yang cemerlang??Cemerlang itu bukan hanya setakat di dunia namun di dunia dan akhirat...kata seorg ustaz di sekolah saya dulu..itu tidak mustahil kerana anda semua mampu untuk lakukan dengan mendapat 3A dalam kehidupan bukan peperiksaan...

Mungkin bagi mana-mana pelajar boleh mendapatkan 10A @ 12A dalam spm adalah perkara mudah dan biasa tapi adakah golongan itu boleh dapat hanya 3A dalam kehidupan mereka..Apa itu 3A??

A1 - Agama

A2 - Akhlak

A3 - Akademik

Maksud disini adalah untuk menjadi seorg pelajar cemerlang dia bkn saja perlu cemerlang dalam bidang akademik malah dalam bidang agamanya dan akhlaknya sendiri..cemerlang dalam ketiga2 bidang adalah sukar namun tidak mustahil...

Formula Kecemerlangan dalam 3A :


S ~ Sembahyang

- Kewajipan yang wajib dilaksanakan.
- Sembahyang adalah tiang agama.
- Sembahyang membentuk sistem imuniti daripada perkara keji dan mungkar.
- Sembahyang membentuk akhlak manusia yang terpuji.
- Konsep sembahyang boleh diterjemahkan dalam amalan belajar.
- Caranya megikut agama masing-masing.

T ~ Taat

- Taat yang utama kepada Tuhan.
- Taat kepada Ibu Bapa. - Taat kepada Guru dan orang yang memberikan ilmu pengetahuan kepada kita. - Taat kepada rakan-rakan.
U ~ Usaha

- Kejayaan hanya dicapai dengan berusaha bersungguh-sungguh
- Perpatah Melayu “ Yang Pipih Tak Akan Datang Melayang, Yang Bulat Tak Akan Datang Bergolek ”
- Perpatah Arab “Barangsiapa Berusaha Pasti Akan Dapat”

D ~ Doa

- Sentiasa berdoalah sebelum melakukan sesuatu untuk memastikan segalanya berjalan dengan lancar. - Sentiasa meminta ibu untuk doakan kejayaan kita kerana doa ibu sangat penting dan berpengaruh.

Y ~ Yakin

- Yakin bahawa usaha yang dilakukan adalah dengan keberkatan Tuhan. - Yakin dengan diri sendiri dalam melakukan setiap perkara seperti dalam ciri-ciri untuk mempunyai kecerdasan spiritual dalam entry post yang lepas.
- Yakin bahawa segala usaha keras akan dibalas dengan setimpal.

SA ~ Sedia Awal

- Sedia Awal sebelum menjelang peperiksaan.
- Sedia Awal sebelum guru masuk mengajar .
- Sedia Awal sebelum para malaikat mencabut nyawa kita.

T ~ Tumpuan

- Tumpuan melibatkan 4 perkara iaitu Ada mata pandang hadapan, ada mulut diam, ada telinga dengar dan ada otak berfikir.
- Tumpuan akan terjejas jika salah satu daripada 4 perkara itu tidak diamalkan.

U ~ Ulangkaji

- Ulangkaji apa yang diajar oleh guru dalam masa 24 jam.
- Ulangkaji perkara-perkara yang penting .
- Ulangkaji atau buat muhasabah tentang kesilapan, dosa dan maksiat yang telah dilakukan.



Inilah serba sedikit yang mampu saya kongsikan disini..harap2 sesiapa yang telah membaca post ini dapat mengingati kesemua ini..

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Spiritual Intellegence

What is mean by spiritual Intellegence??or in BM is Kecerdasan Spiritual...Kali ini saya ingin berkongsi bersama mengenai tajuk ini..saya juga akan guna bahasa melayu untuk tulis bagi segala yag berkaitan dengan motivasi..lebih senang..huhu

Definisi Kecerdasan spiritual adalah keyakinan, ketenangan dan kedamaian dalam diri serta rasa tanggungjawab yang tinggi, hasilnya ialah keseimbangan dalam tingkahlaku.Seseorang yang dikatakan mempunyai kecerdasan spiritual adalah perlu memenuhi ciri-ciri tersebut..NAMUN, bukan suatu perkara yang mudah..

Keyakinan - dalam kehidupan kita tidak kira kita melakukan apa-apa pun kita perlu yakin kepada diri sendiri barulah kita akan berjaya dan dapat melakukannya dengan baik..tapi inilah merupakan kelemahan besar golongan yang bergelar nama manusia ini..manusia semestinya mempunyai kelemahan iaitu tidak yakin kepada diri sendiri..contoh: ingin bercakap di khalayak ramai sudah bergetar-getar stu badan..kanapa?tidak yakin...semasa menjawab soalan peperiksaan tiba-tiba otak jadi kosong..takut..tangan berpeluh..kenapa?Sebab tidak yakinlah yang menyebabkan kita semua tak jadi..

Ketenangan dan Kedamaian dalam diri - Ini merupakan perkara yang paling susah kita lakukan..Sebab dia senang sahaja..Adakah fenomena berikut ada pada diri anda?? MARAH..MURUNG..TAKUT..BOSAN..MENGUMPAT..MALAS.. dan banyak lagi..antara ciri2 inilah menjadikan diri kita tidak tenang tidak damai dalam hati sendiri..itulah yang selalu akan menyebabkan perkara buruk berlaku..

Maka,perkara ini sangat penting....kerana apabila kita telah memenuhi kesemua ciri2 tersebut maka kita akan memepunyai keseimbangan dalam tingkahlaku..jika tidak..kita lihat kalau seseorang itu asyik murung saja..sedih..fenomena itu akan menyebabkan dia memikirkan perkara yang bukan2 dan akhirnya dia akan melakukan perkara yang tidak rasional seperti bunuh diri apabila tidak dapat bertahan dengan keadaan itu lagi..

Itulah sebabnya betapa pentingnya kita harus INGAT setiap tingkahlaku kita perlu berfikir dengan baik sebelum bertindak..Dalam kehidupan kita akhlak kitalah yang akan menentukan halatuju kita..kanapa bukan AKADEMIK??Kita fikir-fikirkanlah..adakah seseorang itu pandai @ cemerlang dalam akademik dia pasti akan berjaya...jawapannya TIDAK..

Kita dapat buktikan perkara ini dengan satu berita sebelum ini yang mengemparkan seluruh rakyat malaysia dan juga menyebabkan Malaysia berasa malu..Seorang genius matematik yang dilahirkan di Malaysia berusia 13 tahun telah berjaya memasuki Universiti Oxford..Satu sejarah manis malaysia..Gadis yang bernama Sofiah Yusof..gadis termuda yang layak ke sana...Kepandaianya tidak dapat kita banding dengan diri sendiri..apabila kita umur 13tahun ape yang kita erti??mungkin kita hanya erti untuk makan minum tidor main dan mengira + - x / sahaja..

Namun,walaupun seseorang itu genius sekali pun jika tidak mempunyai kecerdasan spiritual..keseimbangan dalam tingkahlaku maka perkara inilah berlaku..anak genius Malaysia itu telah hilang dalam 1 tempoh lepas itu telah kembali sekarang..tapi skg genius matematik ini bukan lagi menyelesaikan masalah matematik yang rumit malah hanya mengira sejam 130paun @ sama dengan RM829 untuk setiap kali perkhimatan yang diberikan sebagai seorg pelacur...APA YANG TELAH TERJADI???

Inilah satu contoh yang amat memberikan pengajaran kepada kita..namun saya juga tidak bermakna pelajaran adalah tidak penting..Keseimbangan dalam tingkahlaku sangat penting diikuti dengan pelajaran kita dan seterusnya ajaran agama kita..

Maka,ingatlah...Berfikir dengan masak-masak sebelum bertindak...jangan menyesal dengan apa yang telah kamu lakukan pada suatu hari nanti...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Something new will begin here...

Today felt quite tired because of activity..after that take nap a while..evening feel free so go cycling with my friends...Suddenly one new idea come to my mind..maybe because of the speech of Prof.Dr.Jalil Dean JHEPA UMP today in AGM ...

He said that blog can be many kinds of blog..that depends to the can be a place to gain many sharing knowledge by can be a place to write and discussion some current also can be a place to write something bad about someone or some issuse..

So,what kinds of this blog will be???This blog will be write about me..about my experience..and seem I like about motivation..I like to give motivation to everybody..I also always will join moviation motivation motivation maybe I can share some knowledge about motivation that all of my friends..all the blogers can get somethings after reading my blog..

Althought I am not prof in motivation..but in this fews years I am learn so much about that from my secondary school university caunselor..some motivator in my