Wednesday, August 20, 2008

~Projek Semaian Kasih~

During the holiday for a few writing any new blog want sharing a new things.. "Projek Semaian Kasih" is a new projek for In-Smartive Club..This is a big projek that will involve of our Dato NC ump and oso others pegawai-pegawai kanan ump...

This is the projek that we will going to kampung org asli..doing some komuniti activity..we will do some activityat the school there...then will visit the village there near cameron there..

Really hope can go there soon..want to c the activty of the org asli there..later after this activity juz share vf urs all the photo..k?huhuhu..

This is the logo for this projek..nice..good design..haha.. :p

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