Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Blog..Nowadays many people have their own blog..some of them will write about the current issues..some of them will write about the things happen around them..some will write some private informations..some of them will use blog the write something bad about someone...

No matter what kind of you..I just want to share something with you all what I read one magazine which is "Dewan Siswa" for July...What the main information is the editor advice the bloger dun write the private things inside blog like no.h/p..address..when around parents not at home and so on..

Before create a blog for yourself...plz check it wheather you have the ciri-ciri below..hehe

(i) Kemahiran membaca
(ii) Kemahiran berfikir
(iii) Kemahiran mentafsir
(iv) Kemahiran menulis
(v) Mempunyai jati diri yang kukuh
(vi) Mampu menulis tanpa guna bahasa rancu (bahasa rojak)
(vii) Mampu tidak menggunakan bahasa singkaan/sms
(viii) Menguasai asas tatabahasa dan bahasa pilihan

One question they ask in this post of article is why so many people now so like to write blog and read blog until our ex-PM Tun Dr. Mahathir also have his own blog now..The asnwer is...............

first, blog which is a place that open and got their own freedom (mengukuh jati diri melalui blog)
Second, blog as a place to find or get popularity...

So,all of my bloger friends...PLS give some respons which kind person of you???first or second??
Anyway..just want to share this only with all my friends..hehe :D

att: this post I use bahasa rojak cause want to share what I write down from that magazine..haha

Friday, July 25, 2008


Nothing actually is a common word...but many person like to use this word to answer question..why?? always ask dis question..anything happen?? NOTHING is the answer....

A fews day dy not write the new post..mayb nothing to la..i'm so busy this week la..smtimes got lab..haiz...busy2..tired2..haha

life is like wat can I do..juz do wat I can do lor...rite??writing this blog at the late nite..suddenly my brain cnt thinks so idea how to write...

ok la..until here only la..

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Suddenly writing this blog in the late night just for sharing my feeling now about some photo that I get from my sister..some sweet photo about my'm suddenly feel like miss my family after see all of this want to say to my mum and my dad I really love u all..hope my mum and dad will have healthy body..happy always..feel pround of their children.. I LOVE U!!!!

~lovely and sweet family~

~Only for u my mum ~

~All my family member~

~me & bro with my parents~

~Friendship Forever~

Talking about friendship..I can said that I have many many friends that from different religions different background....different state..different university...and so on so on..I am really proud of myself and happy coz can have so many friends..I am a happy go lucky guy..easy to be friend so I juz can have many friends and also good @ best friends...I thinks so..haha :D
Actually writing this post of blog I just want to share about my friendship with my "old friend". Some of my friends we know each others start from kindergarden or primary school until now we still contact and some time will go out to meet and "yam cha"...

The person that I know her from kindergarden is jenny until now..we study at the same primary school..secondary school..form 6..then now different U but still contact..Her mum is my english teacher before le..Then my best friend from primary school until now like Alex..Sean..Isacc..Wisden..Li Ean..Joan..Ally..Pei Shan..Steven..Kim Ming..Peter Heng and many more la..cnt write all here..hehe..

Our friendship are forever...coz we have the same ambition..not to be engineer togethers..not to be rich at the future togethers but.....are to be success in our future one days..I can said that we will be done at one days..I am very proud of my teachers oso said that our geng all are excellent students..coz all of us are success to futher our study in local university and oversea..and oso our friendship can hold until not easy actually...

My friend alex and Li Ean now at UM third year..Isacc and Wisden UKM final year..Joan and Steven UUM third year and second year then me and Sean UMP second year...All of us also taking the profesional course like in Engineering..Education..Accountant..Actuary Science... All will be work in profesional feld..then Kim Ming now oversea under JPA scholorship..will be a doctor soon...
Friendship is very important..So we need to do somethings to make sure our friendship will be forever!!! Like us when sem break or holiday we sure will go out meet and "yam cha" and for sure 1 year must do 1 time gathering..give a chance for all friends meet and talk about our life..our study..our future..sharing together..So far we done 3 time gathering..first time at my house..2nd joan house..3rd at BBQ park..we all so happy..Now we also done a small book that writen about all the information about our friends...

So..I really hope our friendship will be forever until we miss u all...miss the time we together..talking useless joke...talking some one bad..hahaha...hope we will meet at this coming sem break..remember....FRIENDSHIP FOREVER!!!

~gathering 07-steamboat~

~gathering 08-BBQ~

~small book~

~gathering when sunny Birthday~

Friday, July 18, 2008

~MINDS 08~

MINDS 08 or Minggu Induksi Siswa 08 had oledy settle for the 2nd intake students..Let me talk about this activity that I join as a facilitator...some experiance that I want to share here..

Before the register day for new students..all the facilitator need to bec ump early 1 week to be have prominds or training for in 1 week training can said everyday scoled by pegawai khas Vice Canselor..WHY??many things that I dun know I learn in the each words of kena marah..haha..actually he juz want us to be prefect and ready to welcome the junior in the big quantity about 1600 students..2 times of last year junior..nvm..this the time we I choose to be under PC comittee or programe coordinator comittee..coz that will let me to learn more such as protokol...invitation VVIP...and others more..

The first day of MINDS is registeration of junior..the early morning about 7am we all already standby at block W..PC will juz in charge in "Taklimat Universiti" which the section with the parents and staff JHEPA or profesor2 dekan fakulti...there are 3 section which present by prof.Ir.Dr.Haji Fadhadli , Prof.Madya Shaik Nasir and Prof Dr. Rosli together with prof.Dr.Abd Jalil Bin Borham dekan Jhepa...the first day was so tired coz of standing from morning until evening..every2 nite oso same..tired..the post moderm until 3am...

The next day until the last day..Wat can I said was I learn many things..Now I knw almost all the staff of jhepa..I knw the protocol...and all things..really happy..enjoy...but every ok..I felt no rugi la i join MINDS for this year..many experience that I get...Thanx to all that help me..teach me..and giving a chance to learn..

Ok..a bit about so sleepy dy actually..juz finish the event for MINDS fasa 2 08...but still want to write the sweet and tired memory...wakaka :D

~Club In-Smartive~

Hahaha..for dis time I will not talk about Club Orator UMP but will talk about Club In-Smartive.. This is the club that I join quite active in UMP..I know many people dun know what kind of this club..Let me introduce to you all...

Club In-Smartive short front by 3 words : Intelligent @ Smart @ Creative... That means this club is a platform to train the ump stdnt expecially club member to be Intelligent @ Smart @ Creative...

This club also have their prinsip..that is 3K..Wat is 3K means?? 3K : Kaunseling @ Kepimpinan @ all of our club activity will refer todis 3K..all our activities will have dis 3 concept like motivation program..Bakti Amal HTAA..Kem kepimpinan..Bengkel Penampilan Diri..Bakti Siswa Perkampungan Org Asli and so many interesting activities will coming soon..

Why I will join dis club?hehe..cause I like to learn about motivation actually..I like to be a far quite some school will invite me to their program to give a talk or some kedah la..not pahang..huhuhu..the good hope that i can use dis opportunitty to learn more things..besides i oso take Kaunselor siswa as my Qoqu paper..

Talk so long not introduce myself in dis club..I am the MT for club In-Smartive..Actually above logo i the new design for our club..before we dnt have any logo how about the design???OK??plz gve some comment.....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The World of Debate.....

Well..after know about me..lets know about me in the world of debate..In my blog before i got write about debate..about some not nice things happen about before..maybe for certain persons..but dun worry now i juz will write about me in this kind of world..

Actually before futher my study to ump I never involve in debate..or public speaking or others like forum oso..but suddenly I felt that i want to challenge myself..why?because I know debate or public speaking are nt easy..It need to be brave..confident..and can speak well...I'm not want to show to others I am good..I am so speacial or wat..but juz want give a chance to me to learn smthing news in university..

For the begining of me are very lousy in debate..after some training and somelesson teaching by seniors like abg azwan..abg raja..abg hafizul..khairy..kak i become more confident and can do more better than before..i hope so..hehe..Hah..mayb u all want to knw I'm the third speaker that need a "laser mouth" like abg azwan..hahaha :D

From the first semester until now the third semester I oledy attend to a fews of tournements...and wat make me happy is got some improvement along the way in debate..This is the sweet memory for me..because I really enjoy debate from beginning until now..

My first debate in Royal Debate at Uitm Shah Alam..I am junior team win 3 match from six..but quite good dy cause first time rite..the I get 1 time best speaker lor..Then is Debat Pepaduan at ump..the result not so good mayb cause busy in organize oso..nvm...Next is Debat Piala NC ump..get in quaters..a few time best speaker...Debat Piala Sultan Zailan Abidin PSZA at Uitm ganu..result oso like no improvement..mayb that all not feeling well...Then Debat Perpaduan 08 at UUM..the result ok..2 time best speaker..some of the debater from others U so suprise..who is this fellow..suddenly can get best speaker..hahaha...The last one is Arau Open at Uitm Arau..This time our perfomance is better thn team get into quaters..the first oso a good beginning for me and my team..This competition oso I get 2 times best team member is jumain,firdaus,me and yan...

So this all about me in the world of debate..the coming competition is Debat Alam Sekitar at UMS sabah..wah...but dun knw yet who will go..sure not me here wish debaters ump will go ums ur best...hahaha..poyo jer...

~Team Royal Debate~

~Team Debat NC UMP~
~Team Debat PSZA~

~Team Debat Perpaduan 08~

About Me~~

As I promise I will write about me and my family so now I want to introduce my self and all my family here so that all of my friend can know me more than before..haha

First,about me...I am born in Sungai Petani,Kedah..a small not kampung oledy..haha..21 yeras old only...a guy who is happy go lucky person..will always smile...althought not hensem..but I can say that I am a nice person..easy to be friend...I am taking Bachelor Degree of Electric (Electronic) second year..will be graduate at 2011..still have longtime be here..that is Universiti Malaysia Pahang(UMP)...

Then I will introduce my family member..actually I got two mum,two dad,two sister and two younger brother..WHY?? Don’t be scared..I am from good family..the reason is I have “family angkat” Later I will show u which is my mum and dad..dun worry..hahaha.. :D

~my lovely mum +me+my dad~
How about my two sister??hehe..i sister juz older than me 1 now study at UM final year taking Bachelor Degree of Economic...then my "sister angkat" now working oledy..she work as Instructional Designer at Wawasan Open University,Penang..she was graduated by master lor..married a prenent happy..

Now my two younger brother bro now just form at SMK Aman Jaya..a naughty "bro angkat" now form 6 dy..want stpm liao..goodluck to at SM Sin Min SP lor...hehe...

~my sister and brother~
Now talk about my niece..the first niece..she is my sister angkat daughter la..
Hehe..she so miss her..:p

That is about all of my family members...Aikk???why not write about my grandma or grandpa le???not closed with them??No la...actually is i never see my grandma and grandpa face before jelious others friend got grandma...grandpa...but me???haiz....nvm..i love them..i wil remember them...

Thats all...sure u all clear about me now..see u on my next post of blog lor... :p

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Journey Of My Life...

The Journey Of My Life....

The new blog for me to save my memory of any things happen along the journey of my life...I hope all of my memory i can be save inside here so that i will not forget the memory and also hope can share with someone soon..

Through this blog my friends can know me well by juz reading my blog..i will be update everyday if i can or two or three times a week..I hope too.. :p

This blog as usual i will write just about friend..all the things happen with me...i will not write about the current issues because this not online newspaper..this is a place for me to save my memory and sharing my feeling...

I am so sorry about my ex-blog "my memory" because not update for about four month...maybe no mood..anyway this blog will not happen like that..All will be about the journey of my life......