Thursday, July 17, 2008

The World of Debate.....

Well..after know about me..lets know about me in the world of debate..In my blog before i got write about debate..about some not nice things happen about before..maybe for certain persons..but dun worry now i juz will write about me in this kind of world..

Actually before futher my study to ump I never involve in debate..or public speaking or others like forum oso..but suddenly I felt that i want to challenge myself..why?because I know debate or public speaking are nt easy..It need to be brave..confident..and can speak well...I'm not want to show to others I am good..I am so speacial or wat..but juz want give a chance to me to learn smthing news in university..

For the begining of me are very lousy in debate..after some training and somelesson teaching by seniors like abg azwan..abg raja..abg hafizul..khairy..kak i become more confident and can do more better than before..i hope so..hehe..Hah..mayb u all want to knw I'm the third speaker that need a "laser mouth" like abg azwan..hahaha :D

From the first semester until now the third semester I oledy attend to a fews of tournements...and wat make me happy is got some improvement along the way in debate..This is the sweet memory for me..because I really enjoy debate from beginning until now..

My first debate in Royal Debate at Uitm Shah Alam..I am junior team win 3 match from six..but quite good dy cause first time rite..the I get 1 time best speaker lor..Then is Debat Pepaduan at ump..the result not so good mayb cause busy in organize oso..nvm...Next is Debat Piala NC ump..get in quaters..a few time best speaker...Debat Piala Sultan Zailan Abidin PSZA at Uitm ganu..result oso like no improvement..mayb that all not feeling well...Then Debat Perpaduan 08 at UUM..the result ok..2 time best speaker..some of the debater from others U so suprise..who is this fellow..suddenly can get best speaker..hahaha...The last one is Arau Open at Uitm Arau..This time our perfomance is better thn team get into quaters..the first oso a good beginning for me and my team..This competition oso I get 2 times best team member is jumain,firdaus,me and yan...

So this all about me in the world of debate..the coming competition is Debat Alam Sekitar at UMS sabah..wah...but dun knw yet who will go..sure not me here wish debaters ump will go ums ur best...hahaha..poyo jer...

~Team Royal Debate~

~Team Debat NC UMP~
~Team Debat PSZA~

~Team Debat Perpaduan 08~

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