Saturday, July 19, 2008

~Friendship Forever~

Talking about friendship..I can said that I have many many friends that from different religions different background....different state..different university...and so on so on..I am really proud of myself and happy coz can have so many friends..I am a happy go lucky guy..easy to be friend so I juz can have many friends and also good @ best friends...I thinks so..haha :D
Actually writing this post of blog I just want to share about my friendship with my "old friend". Some of my friends we know each others start from kindergarden or primary school until now we still contact and some time will go out to meet and "yam cha"...

The person that I know her from kindergarden is jenny until now..we study at the same primary school..secondary school..form 6..then now different U but still contact..Her mum is my english teacher before le..Then my best friend from primary school until now like Alex..Sean..Isacc..Wisden..Li Ean..Joan..Ally..Pei Shan..Steven..Kim Ming..Peter Heng and many more la..cnt write all here..hehe..

Our friendship are forever...coz we have the same ambition..not to be engineer togethers..not to be rich at the future togethers but.....are to be success in our future one days..I can said that we will be done at one days..I am very proud of my teachers oso said that our geng all are excellent students..coz all of us are success to futher our study in local university and oversea..and oso our friendship can hold until not easy actually...

My friend alex and Li Ean now at UM third year..Isacc and Wisden UKM final year..Joan and Steven UUM third year and second year then me and Sean UMP second year...All of us also taking the profesional course like in Engineering..Education..Accountant..Actuary Science... All will be work in profesional feld..then Kim Ming now oversea under JPA scholorship..will be a doctor soon...
Friendship is very important..So we need to do somethings to make sure our friendship will be forever!!! Like us when sem break or holiday we sure will go out meet and "yam cha" and for sure 1 year must do 1 time gathering..give a chance for all friends meet and talk about our life..our study..our future..sharing together..So far we done 3 time gathering..first time at my house..2nd joan house..3rd at BBQ park..we all so happy..Now we also done a small book that writen about all the information about our friends...

So..I really hope our friendship will be forever until we miss u all...miss the time we together..talking useless joke...talking some one bad..hahaha...hope we will meet at this coming sem break..remember....FRIENDSHIP FOREVER!!!

~gathering 07-steamboat~

~gathering 08-BBQ~

~small book~

~gathering when sunny Birthday~

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