Friday, July 18, 2008

~MINDS 08~

MINDS 08 or Minggu Induksi Siswa 08 had oledy settle for the 2nd intake students..Let me talk about this activity that I join as a facilitator...some experiance that I want to share here..

Before the register day for new students..all the facilitator need to bec ump early 1 week to be have prominds or training for in 1 week training can said everyday scoled by pegawai khas Vice Canselor..WHY??many things that I dun know I learn in the each words of kena marah..haha..actually he juz want us to be prefect and ready to welcome the junior in the big quantity about 1600 students..2 times of last year junior..nvm..this the time we I choose to be under PC comittee or programe coordinator comittee..coz that will let me to learn more such as protokol...invitation VVIP...and others more..

The first day of MINDS is registeration of junior..the early morning about 7am we all already standby at block W..PC will juz in charge in "Taklimat Universiti" which the section with the parents and staff JHEPA or profesor2 dekan fakulti...there are 3 section which present by prof.Ir.Dr.Haji Fadhadli , Prof.Madya Shaik Nasir and Prof Dr. Rosli together with prof.Dr.Abd Jalil Bin Borham dekan Jhepa...the first day was so tired coz of standing from morning until evening..every2 nite oso same..tired..the post moderm until 3am...

The next day until the last day..Wat can I said was I learn many things..Now I knw almost all the staff of jhepa..I knw the protocol...and all things..really happy..enjoy...but every ok..I felt no rugi la i join MINDS for this year..many experience that I get...Thanx to all that help me..teach me..and giving a chance to learn..

Ok..a bit about so sleepy dy actually..juz finish the event for MINDS fasa 2 08...but still want to write the sweet and tired memory...wakaka :D

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