Thursday, July 17, 2008

About Me~~

As I promise I will write about me and my family so now I want to introduce my self and all my family here so that all of my friend can know me more than before..haha

First,about me...I am born in Sungai Petani,Kedah..a small not kampung oledy..haha..21 yeras old only...a guy who is happy go lucky person..will always smile...althought not hensem..but I can say that I am a nice person..easy to be friend...I am taking Bachelor Degree of Electric (Electronic) second year..will be graduate at 2011..still have longtime be here..that is Universiti Malaysia Pahang(UMP)...

Then I will introduce my family member..actually I got two mum,two dad,two sister and two younger brother..WHY?? Don’t be scared..I am from good family..the reason is I have “family angkat” Later I will show u which is my mum and dad..dun worry..hahaha.. :D

~my lovely mum +me+my dad~
How about my two sister??hehe..i sister juz older than me 1 now study at UM final year taking Bachelor Degree of Economic...then my "sister angkat" now working oledy..she work as Instructional Designer at Wawasan Open University,Penang..she was graduated by master lor..married a prenent happy..

Now my two younger brother bro now just form at SMK Aman Jaya..a naughty "bro angkat" now form 6 dy..want stpm liao..goodluck to at SM Sin Min SP lor...hehe...

~my sister and brother~
Now talk about my niece..the first niece..she is my sister angkat daughter la..
Hehe..she so miss her..:p

That is about all of my family members...Aikk???why not write about my grandma or grandpa le???not closed with them??No la...actually is i never see my grandma and grandpa face before jelious others friend got grandma...grandpa...but me???haiz....nvm..i love them..i wil remember them...

Thats all...sure u all clear about me now..see u on my next post of blog lor... :p

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Anonymous said...

keep blogging yaa friend..nice to know bout u..hihi..bout ur lah..=)