Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Blog..Nowadays many people have their own blog..some of them will write about the current issues..some of them will write about the things happen around them..some will write some private informations..some of them will use blog the write something bad about someone...

No matter what kind of you..I just want to share something with you all what I read one magazine which is "Dewan Siswa" for July...What the main information is the editor advice the bloger dun write the private things inside blog like no.h/p..address..when around parents not at home and so on..

Before create a blog for yourself...plz check it wheather you have the ciri-ciri below..hehe

(i) Kemahiran membaca
(ii) Kemahiran berfikir
(iii) Kemahiran mentafsir
(iv) Kemahiran menulis
(v) Mempunyai jati diri yang kukuh
(vi) Mampu menulis tanpa guna bahasa rancu (bahasa rojak)
(vii) Mampu tidak menggunakan bahasa singkaan/sms
(viii) Menguasai asas tatabahasa dan bahasa pilihan

One question they ask in this post of article is why so many people now so like to write blog and read blog until our ex-PM Tun Dr. Mahathir also have his own blog now..The asnwer is...............

first, blog which is a place that open and got their own freedom (mengukuh jati diri melalui blog)
Second, blog as a place to find or get popularity...

So,all of my bloger friends...PLS give some respons which kind person of you???first or second??
Anyway..just want to share this only with all my friends..hehe :D

att: this post I use bahasa rojak cause want to share what I write down from that magazine..haha

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