Saturday, June 6, 2009

tWo mOnTh vs TwO wEeK

What i am mean of tWo mOnTh vs TwO wEeK.. that is the time of my semester break lor.. actually i have about two month holiday but i juz bec home for break only two weeks..

Reason why?? As all of friends know..i am busy man..haha so that why just bec home for two weeks only..i really apreciate two weeks of time at all the things that i plan...many things that i plan to do in d short holidays..

Like usual..everytime bec home sure got soup for my lunch n dinner..thanx mum.. :) then what my dad prepare for me??haha..dis time is special..i also dun know when my dad got such tree at the bec home..he plant ubi what i dun know..but best to eat..some we rebus it..some we do like kerepek then others ask neighbour make kuih lor..

that is my dad.. cut the ubi lor..

That what we get from d plant..

Then at the weekend i go to alor star my aunt house..everytime i bec must go there if not my aunt will scold me lor..coz she care about me la..she want to see wheather fat dy or handsome dy n others la... hahaha :D

Then go out hang out with all of my old friens..all more than 10 years of our friendship..this time go out not only all about what happen in our U..but this time we all dicuss what we want to do after graduat..this year 3 of my friends will be graduated two of them from UKM in sciences actuary and one of them banking from UUM..we plan to open a cafe that like we all like to lepak2 ma..hehe
azib + me + afiq

The 2nd week..busy to go to my secondary caunselor ask me to help her lor..then about alumni for that school..juz want to have for this year..this time bec meet a lot of my junior..then we go to that caunselor house..juz for see her baby lor..

baby so cute.. :)

2 weeks are past so fast..d time for me to go bec ump..if not others friends bising liao..haha coz still have many things not settle yet..about the orientation week lor..

Now at area KL..coz got mppk with my mpp friends here...what will happen this few days..i will share with u all here..wait for it ya!!!

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