Friday, June 5, 2009

oVeRniGhT aT kAmPuNg

Back to uMp few days dy..everyday busy doing the PC job..from the morning until late others works at office..haiz.. so boring the life..haha quite tired actually..

Luckly,abg Naz ask me n others friends go to his house can relax-relax a while...go there for this tuesday evening..after abg naz finish his work at his office..we go to his house by his,taqi,yienzz and also usual la..
Abg naz house

abg naz house at Pekan which in the ever have chance before to feel the enviroment in for this time is best chance for me...haha Along the journey to his house we talk non-stop and also laugh non-stop...

Then we go for shoping first before bec to his house..His house quite big..when reach there.. Suddenly i ask : Why your gate not automatic ar??? hahahahaha :D so sorry abg naz.. tak sengaja ma...juz joking la.. dun angry!!! :)

We start to cook for ours dinner..abg naz as chief others are his assistant to cut onios n others..hehe include job very easy..wash the egg only..after we take dinner got dessert..that is!!!prepare dinner

ais-krim as dessert

After that..we all lepak in front of tv... until all sleep..we all sleep there.. very enjoy..then about 11pm we go out..jalan-jalan..round bandar diraja..all the istana there..then stop at the kemboja restoren have a drink then juz bec home..
the way yien sleeping.. haha

After that all sleep lor...that time oready 2am i thinks..hehe Thanks abg naz.. hope next week can go agains to do bbq with all friends from K.I*******


Yien said...

ala sawi ni..
nk bls dendam la tu..
ptut la ms aku bgn rs skit je tengkuk ni..
rupenyer tido cmtu..
bile aku gerak tido dkt tmpt korng aku pn xtau..
sedar2 kau ade kt sblh aku..

law said...

huhu..ske aty ar nk bls dendam ka...
abis la ko..mesti xtau mende yg angkut ko mlm 2..hahaha
jaga2 nnt ye...

ke said...

emmm,bestnya....sape abg naz 2??

law said...

hahaha..nk taw ka ke??
nnt abg gtau ke ye.. :p