Friday, June 19, 2009

HAKNUK in the house... part 3

The stage of the day we waiting for.. is the time to share with u all HAKNUK in the house part 3.. the time we waiting for oready passed.. thousand of feeling on that time...

I ready cannot imagine i can got this oppurtunity to be author of a book name as HAKNUK..actually this name given by us..means KASIH or SAYANG.. that is language of semai..

Kebawah Duli Yang Teramat Mulia Tengku Puan Pahang, Tunku Hajah Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah Binti Al-Mutawakkil 'Alallah Sultan Iskandar Al-Haj

Tengku Puan Pahang + HAKNUK + Dato' Vice Canselor

16 june 2009..the history day for me in my life...I wake up about 7.30am..after take bath and wear smartly..I take tok batin adn cikgu jefri go to take breakfast..then about 8.30am we all reach the canselori dy..but still early..then I took them go to walk around and also inside library..

Authors of HAKNUK

The time showns 9.30am..we all go to have sit...but they arrange us to sit at the back...well..the arrange for us..we just follow..but what happen next??Datin saw us sat at the back then ask us why u all as author sat at the back??then Datin move us to sat at the first row... Thanx Datin ! That prove that Datin also feel pround of us..

All the gals authors

boy authors... :)

While waiting Tengku Puan Pahang reach here..we all took a lot of usual la..we are like take a lot of photos to save the sweat memory ma.. hehe :)

The event was running smoothly..then sinar harian got interview us and take our photo..after finish the event got lunch for all the VIP..include us la.. 2 table for us.. 1 for man and 1 for women daging rusa masak merah.. first time eat it..hehe

Lunch time..

After rushing take the lunch..we all need to go to banquet hall..they arrange us to take photo with Yang Teramat Mulia Tengku Puan Pahang..I felt so pround..First time can take photo with royal family member..first time meet face to face with royal family member..

sWeAt mEmOrY

Tuaku was sporting.. close with all people..good example to all the leaders in Malaysia.. should be as the model for all leaders..cole with all the comunity... include "Orang Kita"....

Happy..pround..enjoy..and also so much feeling on that time.. tired!!! that for sure la.. :D ;)


Yien said...

gmbr kau ngan aku byk yg same la...

Yien said...

of course la I'm proud of all of u..
u r my brothers here..
without you all...
I am nobody..

Anonymous said... nadya pg sblh ptg..jln2 sket2 je..
makan daging rusa masak merah??
interesting rse dy?

law said...


nak wat mcmne..mmg gmbo2 tu la menarik dan sesuai utk dijadikan ceter for whole event.. :p

hmm..mmg sdap ar..lmbut jer..xliat pn rse mahal taw.. :)

Anonymous said...

u really look great..
hm, very firm. hahaha!!

take good care ya..
we'll meet again during holidays.

achik~ said...

congratz to law, adik, yien, qila, taqi n all da authors! gud job y'all~ tumpang bangga sekaki..ehehe~ =)

law said...

thanx achik..huhu :)

wafa' annisa' said...

kebanyakkan sume ltak gmbr yg sma..
bkn korg b'2 je..
punya banyak gmbr yg dtgkp msa2
huhu.. :p

andy said...

Hi, I wish to know where can i get this book. Is it for sell? or can u suggest to me where can i get 1?
I ask yien and he told me MPH or Kinokuniya, but i stay in Penang, the MPH here don have it.
How much will this book cost ya?
and WHERE can i get 1 copy of this??
and reaaly nice job, Congratetulation!!

law said...

Hi,I'm not very sure where can buy it now..but i can let u know later..k?