Tuesday, March 24, 2009

siNgLe vs cOuPle

Hello,hope all of my friends and family are happy always...

Just finish done my assignment..actually want to sleep dy..but suddenly come out a idea to wrtie about this topic...WHy?

The reason is few things i view by myself this few day..haha a lots of things happen everday at here..First question is single vs couple which one is more better??single?couple?

Every person sure will have difference answer about it..Now i am still single so i know what a person which is single feel..hahaha

For a single person, maybe they have few types of feeling or reason..they prefer single is maybe their family is not allow they to do so at the early age.. then maybe also they feel that single is more easier..can do anythings that they like no need to care isn't their couple is agree o not..2nd is maybe they feel that if want to couple they will hve big responsibality about it..

How about couple said???

For couple person, they will feel that they no enough love or caring from their family or they need more caring from someone so they choose to have couple..they want to have couple sometimes just want to show to others that he/she is good so got someone love them..otherwise some of them want to choose early so that they can marry early..

What i said all of here are all my experince in my life..all types of that are face by my friends..Actually no matter now you are still single or couple..each also have their good and bad la..

Seem like single..the bad is single person will always feel alone..so lonely..like he/she live alone in this world..no one care about them..this the bad things that single person will thinks off..then they also will always jelous about others..nvm..couple also will not so good..

Why i say so..just to sharing..couple is bad when this all happen..one of my friend burn his future bcoz of couple..when his couple is good then nvm..but bcoz of his couple this guy wiling to fight with his family..go far from his friends which know each others more than 10years..willing use all his money to buy anythings that this gal want..lastly the gal clash with him then his future burn coz not score in spm like all his friends..that time just want to change everythings is late..

Second..when a couple is close each others that is good..everyday can see them dating..eating together..go to clas together..everythings together..but when have small problem..
misunderstanding then will fight each others..the guy sure will say : i willing to do anything to u..why u do like that to me..c this ring also we have promise that love each other forever..am i right? that i saw this happen overhere this few days..2 couple dy..

but dun bcoz of that all dun want couple..cnt..cnt..couple also have good example like my friend also..couple now..better than before..planning all the things..planing his life fromnoe..his future in expect of money..job n so on..now having lovely couple..why?bcoz of they always support each other..encourge each other.. now my friend already plan before 30yearsold will get rm100K for thier future..see..really a sweet couple..hope they will happy together until the end..

Ok,that all somethings that can sharing here...i also dun have much experince in this part..anyway hope every single couple here are happy and have healthy life..

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SeaN said...
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Anonymous said...

who is the one burn their future? Does i know the person? When wan find a person? Share share story via skype, wan kpc.. haha -SeaN-

law said...

To sean,

haha,dun worry..what i means here not got anything about u also..oppsss....

It is juz my others friend story la..he share with me about his love b4..

jumapx said...

motif entri nie?

ke nak couple gak nie...hahahahha

law said...

To jumain,

Ko jgn ingat sbut jer psl cnta msti de kaitan dgn ko..

ko ni de bca ka x blog ak ni??kalo skadar layan xyah ar..ak kn dh bgtau..

Motif:ak jmpe bbrp psng couple yg gaduh dlm ump ni..then tmbh dgn kish2 lampau kwn ak dlu...

ish3..meon..meon..cinta telah membutakan hati ko itu..