Monday, March 16, 2009

No mood... :(

haiz...agains the boring time for me now..alone in the room with cool wheather...

Some detail about me now...

Time now is 10.47pm

My full name : Law Kok Sin

Others name : Jason

Study at where : UMP 2nd year

Salary : no la.. got PTPTN loan only..haiz...

wheather here : cool..raining day..

Last food i eat : Chicken Rice

Last time blow candle on the cake is when : no birthday cake at all..never have :(

your family members : mum,dad, sister(old than me 1 year),brother( young than me 7years)

the song i like : jason mraz-I'm Yours

colour of eyes : black

colour of hairs : black + white

Lubang ears : 2

got tatoo : no

like the life nw : no..boring.. :(

hometown : Sg Petani, Kedah

Now at : Gambang, Pahang

drink beer b4 : yup

got accident b4 : got

got love any people : got

She know about that : dunno

You got tell her : no...

Why: she got bf now... :(

Food i like : Laksa

Drinks : H2O

Colour : blue white black

sweet memory : gathering with friends or go traveling with friends (langkawi)

got gf nw : no

feeling now : no mood..boring..sad..feel alone..haiz..nvm la..almost everytime i also like that..why cnt like my friends so enjoy with their U friends.. :(

time now agains : 11.09pm

p/s : got much more want to write but no mood..bye zzzzzz


azwan bamadhaj said...


law said...

ak pn xtaw pe motif ak wat mende ni..

dh xdak mood wat la mende2 merapu..