Saturday, December 11, 2010

Life = change

Life = change

Good day for everyone...
Life can bring us so much difference of meaning...
Thats I name my blog as 'Meaning of Life'..
What can bring a person life so colorful is not I can say it here..
because everybody have their own life..their own style of life...

After come back from the simple gathering with my hometown friends..
I can felt that the life was changed...
Before that when we go out gather, our topic for sure is about my life..our student life..our uni life..
Now?? All about for sure about partner too..
Mostly was about career and money...
I felt that like something wrong...I dunno why..
Like everybody here was chance...
How about me?

Maybe what they have the way of life are not suitable with me..
They choose to be that also for their own good..
Thats why everybody have their own style of life..
Start from next year..i will start to step in the working area..reality society..
I hope that I will be happy with the way of I like and I want..
Maybe they not like me..but the important is we happy and still be friend forever..
Friendship is the most valuable in life..

For those who still dunno how to choose the proper life..
Please thinks it twice ya...
Take care all my friends.. =]


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