Saturday, July 4, 2009

M.I.N.D.S'09 finish...

ya..minds'09 is week orientation week is over..maybe someone feel that i will write a lot about minds'09 to share with u all...but u are wrong..

Nothings that make me want to write about minds over here.. I try my best to let this event to be successful... I just hope my juniors all enjoy it and minds'09 will be one part of their sweet memory for their new life in campus...

My sentence.. I will respect you all and I also hope you all respect us.. BUT if u didn't respect us then you will know what will I do for you all... thats my advice for the junior during the minds'09.

For everybody that one part of the minds for this year..congratulation! you all do your best job.. So sorry for my rude attitude and languages during minds'09.. thanx a lot for those help me..

What I giving for minds'09, I didn't want anything to get from it..but I just feel sad if what i giving nobody appreatiate it.. but nvm.. I know what I am doing..and also GOD know..

New semester coming.. all my friends..enjoy your new semester..expecially my juniors.. take care!

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