Sunday, July 26, 2009

LiFe wiLL bE eNd aNyTiMe.. :(

As a human in his world..we dun know when our life will be end.. no one can decide when we will be end our life here.. BUT just GOD will know and GOD decide for us depends to what we do in this world.. whether is good things or othervise..

My whole body now so tired because of just come back from cycling this morning until get fever..haha antibody not strong but anyway is ok for me..that means my body not so healthy nowdays..

Why suddenly today I will talk about life? just now had a nap a while because too tired and not feeling any call or sms also don know.. when i'm wake up got 3 msg.. 2 from the student that i organize program sk purun.. 1 more msg make me so suprise..

Is about the died one of the ustazah sk purun which involve in accident at Maran if i'm not mistaken..5 of the family members passed away this afternoon.. ustazah..her husband..her son 8 months :( ...her adik... and also her mother..

So sad...we can't accept this reality that happen now..when thinks back like just yesterday i meet that ustazah.. we all fasilitator very sad to know about this news..

But we can't change this reality that her oready passed away.. just hope that GOD will always with her at SYURGA... :(

p/s: thats why i always remind all my friends and junior must be appreciate our parents..dun let them alone..since that time reach dy..we cant do anythings anymore...

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