Sunday, April 12, 2009

tHiS sEmEsTeR wiLL eNd sOoN..

Ya..this semester is my 4rd semester and will be end fast..actually what i had done for this sem?so much until i can't list out all over here..
Just will share with u all my activity in this few weeks...Last 2 week..that weekend not have time stay in room also...saturday go for my club family day at Cherating..quite best..enjoy..but tired.. hahaha..

members of family day for club in-smartive


the way that we go..remember don't tell mama ya.. :)

Then the day of tomorrow...go to Shah Alam for meeting with the student UiTM for program Kg Org Asli at Tasik Chini..then we go to taqi kg at N9..

The latest activity is the prgrm Sekolah Muitara UMP..I bring the student from SK Tanjung Batu come to ump to visit then had a slot Sharing Moment with our Ex Vice Cancelor..Dato' Dr. Mohd Said B. Mat Lela..

me..Dato' Dr Mohd Said(Ex Vice Cancelor ump),Prof. Dr. Abd Jalil (Dean jhepa),taqi

Tonight..I has an Aprisiasi nite dinner with all the JPK..hehe..later juz upload photo ya..
So,the study week in begin because lecture days were end coming soon..gambate!!! gud luck and all the best for my friends...
p/s:sori for late updated...

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