Sunday, April 5, 2009



One more week is over..this week is the last week for my 4th semester..after that will having one week study week then final then holiday 2month.. also maybe cnt usual got a lot of programe...Sorry my friends..maybe no chance to gather with u all this coming holiday..

This weekend got some suprise actually..first things is i got someone that always disturb me by miscol me friquently..well,i dnt care actually..but lastly i know that is a guy..

Hahaha..who is that until now i also dnt knw..but he msg me said that : someone that will be my worst nightmare..jason law..

Then today i got the training debate..our senior come to see ours training..abg azwan and also abg raja..our alumni..quite enjoy when debate with them..

Suprise is..early of friend suddenly call with me about half an hours..talking about d life noe..his LI life..

Then later at night..suddenly also i got a call from my good classmate when i am form 3...he sit beside me..he now work at sg besi as askar lor..

This call make me more suprise many of my friens actually some of them already marry or "tunang"..i am so suprise..

Really hope can have a gathering with them..maybe when raya la..all just got holiday ma..that time maybe can see some of them come together with wife or husband or maybe with baby..huhu

Then how about me?? friend ask me..but i still single maybe after 5 years..

ok..until here i write..hope my test fro this week can be easier for me to answer it..hehe :D

Take care..goodluck to all my friends an also my junior debate..

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