Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Miss you!!!

" The important of family to my life " is the topic that i got 2day for the impromptu speech for my public speaking paper..

All i talk about is the true things..that is my feeling...i still can remember what i said in 2 minute just now..

Good morning to everyone expecially prof norma..One day,one of my friends with his serious face asking me 1 question..what or who u will thinks first in your life..my answer is family..I have 5 members of family include me..

First, my father which is a stright person..why?because he want to make sure that his children all have good displince in life..my dad is important for me because then income of family come from him by play with steeling of bus every morning..every afternoon..every evening..every days..more that 20years..he never feel bored because he is my responsible father..

Second, my lovely mother..which her sacrifices that i never can finish to pay back by money or others..i'm felt so happy and thanks to God..God save my mum..my mum getting strock after i finish my spm..but Gos help the kind person..she is a kind person..

Then is my cool sister..my sister look cool for me..why?because the relation between us look not close..always fight with each others but actually by heard to heard we are care each others in every time..

Lastly, is my notty youngest brother..he is very notty..he has same face with me and my dad..like fotostate face..so we always make a joke..if he is lose somewhere..we also will not scare because easly we can find it out..hahaha

I hope all of my members of family..my responsible father..my lovely mother..my cool sister.. and my notty brother can gather together to eat together every year when Chinese News Year.. Like this year 2009... I love you all..

Before "makan besar"..take a photo first..CNY 09


suMee said...

epi new year..support membe.hehe

law said...

hehe..thanks you..