Sunday, February 1, 2009

Gathering 2009

Hai everyone..longtime din update blog dy..just reach here actually..just want share with you all one by one what i am doing this CNY holidays..This holiday for sure is a good time to gather all my friends coz on this time only we can meet some just bec from taiwan or singapore..

wisden (ukm), jenny (UTAR), me (ump), peishan (work),
steven (uum), isaac (ukm), joan (uum), sean (ump)

angela (s'pore), xin xiu, yen ru, xiu ting, shu kwon (s'pore), joey (uum),
chin huan (uum), peishan, ching see, poh khang (work), shu yang (taiwan), ally (work)

red hair is man yi (work) and right side first row li ean (um)

gosip-gosip time..hahaha but when take photo all posing with a thing in hand..

steamboat time

bbq time ( kwok siang..peter heng..sam..shu yang..sunny)

one of our activity..cabut angpow..c who the lucky one..all got money de..

Really enjoy the gathering for this year..until 5am just bec home lor..hope our gathering will be do for every year..hope to see you all next wish all my friends all the best in life..for those will graduat this year..hope all friends will go yours convocation..

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ijan said...

aq pon nak angpow gak