Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Leader Vs Leadership

Leader Vs Leadership

When we talk about leader..automatically we will also talk about leadership..but,who can be call leader?u?me?or anyone??actually..we all are leader..mayb we juz as leader for ourself but not for the big organization..everybody also have leadership..but maybe they dnt sharp it..dnt show they dnt know they are also have leadership..

So..when we talk about every person are leader..then who will be the good leader..who will be call nasional leader..Something want to share here..for my understanding through reading and attend to motivation programe..actually leader can be category as :-

1. Leader are speak well and doing their job well.
2. Leader are speak well but doing their job bad.
3. Leader dnt speak well but doing their job well.
4. Leader dnt speak well and doing their job bad.

So,which one u are??I can said that i will be in the first category..why?because as a leader we should have i said that i can speak english..multiply languages..doing job also..i will do it as well as i can..

Why suddenly i want to talk about leadership..actually that got smothing to REMINDS my friends..also to remind myself..That not easy to be a leader..expecially the leader which is choosen by others with majority..after they are choosen as leader..they should do something for the "majority".

Such as..the "wakil rakyat" choosen by the citizen on that they must do something..If they do anything for us..we also no need to say thanx to them..why?thats is their responsibility..This is said by Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Dato Khoo Kay Kim when in his talk..

So friends who are the leader for student..This is the time for u all to wakeup.. PLZ WAKE UP... do some servey what actually we need..then help to get it..but not juz show what ever u did to the public..but show to us what u get it for us seccessfully..

Many issues i want to talk at here..BUT,now is not the time yet..just want to wait n see what actually the "STUDENT LEADER" can do for us..the slogan "by student for student"... so pretty the word and the meaning..but is't they realise it..we shall wait and see..

For those who know me..who understand me..they will know actually what i mean here..haha
so gudluck for all the leaders...i will be bec to say something on some day..see you!!!

p/s : this entry just for sharing actually what we feel now..k?


Az_liey said...

hi law...

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ijan said...

thanx for reminder {^_^}