Sunday, September 14, 2008

tired..tired.. tired..tired now...what make me so tired for this weekend because i am juz bec from a prgrm..what are happen there I will share with u all in next post..

Friday nite..doing my microprocceser project from evening 2pm until 7pm..then go 2 Bazzar buy food then come bec eat then start agains doing project..until 10pm..stop here..why?go meeting about the progrm 2morow..later come bec continous my project until...................2am
Then juz packing beg..about 3am I juz go 4 sleep..

after juz sleep a while..suddenly no current..I dun know actually...coz sleep like a die person..but a junior come n room until i wakeup..then i ask why??he said xdak current la abg..I said i knw..i will settle it..

But,so sori..cause of so tired then i continous my sleep..hahaha..but cnt sleep dy..disturb by him la..later wakeup early coz need to go prgrm liao.. enough oso..k la..thats all for this very update my blog only oso la...huhuhu :p

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