Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1st day of september @ Ramadhan

The 1st day of september or Ramadhan is very meaningful..juz because of somethings that we do that never I do it before..

That is to be a cleaner for our college..the story is like that..start of dis week our college will not have makcik cleaner to help clean the college..so how??and why??because the ex contraktor's contrak is finish dy..then the new contraktor dnt get yet coz of some problem occurs.

The 3 days rubbish are full in the rubbish bin..so on that day 1st of september all the JPK are wake up 7am then start to collect all the rubbish in the whole college..the we coleect then put at the back of block c12..after collect the rubbish we just know that actually that are so many rubbish in a day..

Then we are waiting for the lorry come and take the rubbish to thrown away..what the feeling at that time no 1 know..what the smell of the rubbish we never know it b4..but after that all we know..while waiting the lorry our pengetua kk1 arrive..he also help us together throw the rubbish..

After more than 2 hours..finally settle all that..we take so long time coz so many rubbish from kk3..the gals college..really really wah.....what the hell..so many rubbish..hahaha

the process of that day..haha

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