Saturday, August 22, 2009

mAny thiNgs..

hAllO everyone.. so longtime din update my blog dy.. I'm sorry about that.. many things want to share here actually..

AFter come back from 1 week holiday bcoz of H1N1..many things need to cover back expecially like class..project and also assignment + test..

Then i apply for 1 more week holiday bcoz of my sister convocation + family trip + debate. Thats happened last thursday..I went to KL meet my sister and also my family there..

Finally,my sis graduated dy.. the day that can't forgetten..special day for my sister and also my parents.. so that day i become cameraman for my sister..just imagine the photo that i take too many until the last no more batery but my sister still haven finish take photo with her friends and also juniors.. happy.. congrated =)

Then that evening we all go to genting as we dad plan for it.. that is my first time having family trip that all the family members there... quite enjoy and also take that chance relax my mind.. nothing special at genting actually.. haha we just walk around la.. friday evening we back parent n bro direct go back home then i direct go to nilai lol..

I go to Nilai alone by komuter from KL Sentral - Nilai.. bcoz got debate kemerdekaan there.. at USIM.. tired.. but i need to be strong to fight for 6 match of debate..1 year not go for debate liao..not go for training also..actually quite scare can't perfomnce well..

Anyway,actually i felt so hope that after this i can spend more time on debate.. hope can bring ump to more high achievement... bcoz of we got many test so we decide come back ump early..

Busy for few days..finally i also replace for my EMT test liao.. friday is free.. but need go to BEra discuss prgrm..

Saturday.. fasting month was started... so happy celebrate fasting month to all my muslim friends..
sElAmAt mEnyAmbUt bUlAn rAmAdHAn..

p/s: lazy to write more... :(


patungcendana said...

thank you for the wish law...jom la puasa sama2...:-D

law said...

ala..mdm i mmg dh start bljq posa nie..huhu

so nnt kte bbuka la sama2 dgn pndbat mcm mas ckp..nk? hehe