Monday, December 29, 2008

wElcOmE bAck !!!

wElcOmE bAck !!! wElcOmE bAck !!! wElcOmE bAck !!! wElcOmE bAck !!! wElcOmE bAck !!!

wElcOmE bAck to campus for the new life here.. so longtime din write or update dis blog sori to all my friends and blogers..i will try to share it out what happen about me for dis semester many to share here..

So happy after finish the final exam for the sem that can relax..but juz a while..coz after that need to worry about result..need to worry about the program..need to thinks off so many things..after final nt going bec..coz still have a big project..that is a research about "org asli" according to the program before..we are the research team to need to finish out the task by 1 week and write a book about the excited and happy to hear it but not that easy..coz of teamworking among us..we can settle it on time..we go for the research about 1 weeks from 21 nov-27 nov..first day we go to the kg kuala boh,CH to start the research there..we take 1 days overthere..stay 1 nite at a "special place"..huhuhu then the nextday afternoon we go to cameron continous the journey..

so suprise at that second day morning..that is my birthday team member make a card for me..inside got all of their wish..and also our photo..thanks ya..about 3days we stay at cameron..what we there are first go to maslinda house to interview their family..then jheoa..then starting writing our articles...every nite we have post make sure we nt wasting a few minute also..make sure all are fine.."ibu" at Rumah Rehat make a cake for me..hehe few days there we also got go to tea farm for a short break..

Then we juz go to KL about 3days also..we are going to muzium org asli..arkib negara..and at 1 nite..we go to taqi house..his family prepared so many delicious food..yamyamyam..there also got satay kajang lor..hehe thanks ya..then we finish all our research at KL..bcoz we will nt go to johor anymore seem we juz get inform that senator are sick..we stay at IYC infront of HUKM..

One week journey for research let me to learn so many things..finally we finish wrting our research on the last day 27 nov..hope it will run smoothly after that..hehe so happy can join this program..i knw so many stdnt jelous we get this chance..expecially why is Kelab In-smartive but not need to felt that..u all also can do it..

after the research for a week..i am going bec home..but the nextday go to alor aunt house..stay there about 5days..after that bec home then go bec ump for bpro..dis year bpro at dusun agro resort..quite ok dis prgrm compare to last year..then we go to aug at stadium bukit jalil..then i am going bec home tired lor..always in bus..the bad things happened..i lost my hp lor..luckly jpph staf help me..thanks ya mr.rusdan..hehe

then the left holiday about 2 week will be at home..nothing special for dis 2 week..actually quite boring at home..haha dun knw gathering also..coz gathering juz will organize dis CNY..then today 29 dec morning about 5.45am reach ump...

wElcOmE bAck !!! wElcOmE bAck !!! wElcOmE bAck !!! wElcOmE bAck !!! wElcOmE bAck !!!


azwan bamadhaj said...

welcome back...

ijan said...

law payah r nak baca tulisan kuning....